Button jewelry & rockin' the thrift store finds!

I am so rockin' the thrift store finds these days! Lovin' it! And finding swanky dresses to boot. I've turned into a girl lately. Yay! It really is amazing what you can find... Dresses, jewelry, home decor pieces.

I always think you find the things that accent the way you feel at the time. For me I'm feeling spectacular - happy, adventurous and seeing life with so much possibility. Seems to be working for me!

I found a Benetton dress last week for $7 at the Salvation Army. I think there must have been a ribbon at the opening of the neck but it got lost. I decided to visit Button Button to find something that would work as a replacement. Here's one of the buttons I picked out - a vintage solid blue geometric button. Perfect!

The button works well with the design on the dress and cost $3. Not bad!

Yesterday morning involved some quick and dirty Krazy Glue work... Unfortunately I ended up getting a bunch on my hands! Eh gad morning crafting can be dangerous at times.

And here I am with the new button brooch. Super happy with it!

Next I'll work on these buttons. I want to turn the big button into a broach and then maybe pendants with the wood and metal buttons.

As always it was a great outing to Button Button! I think my new broach works perfectly with the thrift store dress... All together my outfit cost me $10. Deal-o-rama!

And speaking of jewelry I sanded down the excess wood on my earring updates. I'm going to clean up the sanding and add a finish to them. Still unsure if I they should be earrings or pendants.

I also want to come up with ideas for the teak wood pieces and other thrift store jewelry I'm going to repurpose.

So now I'm just gonna play with ideas. I may need some supplies from Michaels. Hopefully I can come up with something funky!

I'm also on the search for the right paper for my next scrap wood pendant using this silver earring. I've gotten tons of compliments on the other pendant I made using the repurposed earring. This may work! We'll see.

I should have some news soon about more upcycling workshops. I have two Xmas Crafternoons set up - one on November 30th from 1pm to 3pm at the Capilano Branch of the North Vancouver District Library and one on December 7th from 2pm to 4pm at the Guildford Library. Love my Crafternoons!

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