Updating chairs is more work than I remember

Remember these chairs from a few weeks ago? Well I'm back to updating them. I've completed one of the icky brown vinyl chairs. And it was a bit more work than I thought it would be! Holy smokes...



After finishing up the upholstery update I then put the seat back together then added the teak plugs. Once they were sanded down so they were flush I then added the final coat of teak oil. Done! Now I need to finish up the other chairs.

I also picked up a few things from Rona before working on the chairs. I grabbed more upholstery tacks then got some eyelets for jewelry making. Love the super small ones!

I grabbed a few washers while I was there. I'm turning these into pendants. Why not?

I'm the queen of multitasking... Refinishing chairs, prepping for workshops and being crafty. I'm attempting to turn this wood tag into a pendant.

I've decoupaged my favourite paper to the tag... Next step will be coats of wood varnish. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't... We'll see!

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