Story Crafting Upcycling Workshop

Today's Story Crafting Upcycling Workshop as part of Culture Days was so darn fabulous!! We had over 40 participants... It was pretty zen-ful. People just got down and made stuff. It was a fun afternoon. I had a minor 'accident' on my way to the workshop. One of my boxes exploded all over the sidewalk in front of my place. Yup - pouring rain and cardboard, laminate samples, playing cards were everywhere! Ah well I'll be investing in some plastic containers soon enough!

Here we are in full swing...

I had quite a few of the regulars show up. We're like one big kookie crafty family. Love it!!

Love meeting new people and seeing my regular crafty peeps!

This woman was making magic with the tissue paper. I couldn't resist a photo with her!

Busy busy!

I was so happy to see Alice... She's been one of my biggest fans for ages. She is one rockin' lady!

This woman has been to a couple of my workshops. She was so happy with her project.

These girls were so darn cute! It's project show off time!

They made this fun garland.

And they're back... These guys missed the jewelry making workshop but were back for the story crafting. Yay!

A cube made from empty CD cases.

More happy crafters!!

This woman was so sweet as well. These upcycling workshops attract some pretty kewl people. I really feel blessed today. I love what I do and meeting new people through craft. And being the BC Ambassador for Culture Days has been a pretty kick butt experience!

Thanks to everyone who came out for the workshop. I'll be posting details about upcoming workshops soon. There's a ton of crafty vibe-age coming my way. I couldn't be happier!

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