Prepping for the Story Crafting Upcycling Workshop

I've started to get organized for my two upcoming Culture Days upcycling workshops next weekend... It's organized chaos.

A few of the materials for the Story Crafting Upcycling Workshop at the North Vancouver City Library.

I'm hoping to bring these old CD cases. I'll prep a sample project sometime this week to present to everyone.

For now I updated one of the dingy thrift store coasters I picked up last week.

Here's the coaster pre-update. Other than white paint and a photo here are my materials...

I shabby chic-ed the coaster. I replaced the screw-in pull with an eyelet. I inserted a photo where the cork was. Story crafting to me is telling your story by either a moment, a family connection, what's important to you... In this case I used a photo of a few of my most favourite workshop participants. I plan to give this to them on Sunday.

I added a mini painting of a heart to the back. This way it can be hung in a place that allows for both sides to be seen.

Another quick project was updating some calendar magnets I picked up at Urban Source. I grabbed 20 of these - hopefully that's enough. I may get more before Sunday. They're fun to work with!

I cut up my trusty Trader Joe's bag. I only had 2 or 3 of these but they really are the gift that keeps giving. Love the graphics!

First I mod podged an initial layer of paper bag pieces then added the design elements. And some glitter to jazz it up!

Then I painted one of my favourite mottos - 'adventure awaits.' I used a vibrant blue with mustard yellow and white accents. And now this is on my fridge. Another idea for me behind story crafting is creating something that inspires or speaks to your inner beauty. Sounds cheesy maybe but these days I like to see the possibility in my life and to be open to adventure and fun. Why not?!

So there are two ideas people can work on this Sunday. I have a few more in the works. It's cold and rainy out - the perfect day to be inside getting crafty. Life is pretty darn spectacular!

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