Prepping for the Culture Days media launch

This Thursday is the media launch for Culture Days. I'll be there to represent Culture Days and do my BC Ambassador duties. Kind of exciting! Not sure what to expect but I'll be available to do some 'on the fly' upcycling.

I thought I could put something interactive together. I decided to track down a thrift store cork board to update. I found this one for $1.99. It's not in the best shape but I'm gonna try to make it pretty.

There are quite a few blemishes but I'm going to cover them up.

I thought I could cut out images that represented culture then decoupage them as a heart-shaped frame to the cork board. It took forever to cut the squares!

I cut up old cards, magazines, etc.

I mixed in a bit of glitter to the mod podge and started adding the cut outs.

Here's the initial glue job.

I like the idea but I'm gonna keep working on the cork board. I thought I could stencil something in the middle. We'll see!

I also made some push pins for the cork board.

I used scrap paper and mod podge then glued jewelry pins to the back.

Here's my first set...

And here's my second set. I need to track down more jewelry pins then these are good to go!

I hope to finish up the cork board tomorrow then I can start planning for my 2 workshops at the end of the month. The countdown is on! Culture Days is coming up fast!

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