Paper Capers with Tara Galuska & Vancouver Trade School

Tonight I went to my very first Vancouver Trade School class. It was called Paper Caper! Adventures in Paper Crafting and was presented by Tara Galuska. I sort of know Tara through Twitter, Instagram and Papergirl Vancouver. And tonight we were able to get crafty together!

Tara presented a few projects and supplied some materials - paper to repurpose, templates and these fortunes for our paper fortune cookies.

Here's the fortune cookie template...

And my first fortune cookie made using an old map.

I made more fortune cookies then a gift envelope and a couple of gift tags. Fun!

Loved the paper from an old astronomy book.

It was a great night - crafted, meet nifty new peeps and got a feel for the whole Vancouver Trade School vibe. Now to prep for my workshop next month... We're going to make superhero outfits out of junk. How kewl is that!

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