One big crafty weekend

Yay for crafty weekends! I finally finished updating these two chairs... Only one chair update to go! Phew! It was a bit more work than I anticipated but they are done.



Once the teak plugs were added I was pretty much done... Cleaned up the dust, added a final coat of oil and the update was complete.

Next weekend I'll finish up the teak chair update. I only have the back to upholster. So close yet so far! Funny how that happens... So pooped!

I added the teak plugs to the bottom of the chair. Hoping the final bit of work is easy!

Meanwhile I'm testing out some ideas for jewelry making... I'm using this design from a Trader Joe's paper bag. I added it to one of the wood tags from Urban Source. I'm a pro with the modge podge and wood varnish these days.

I modge podged some thin rice paper on top of the paper bag design. I added two layers of rice paper - there's a lovely texture to it along with bits of gold and silver.

Here are the pendants I have on the go... One is a wood tag with the paper from Urban Source, one is a metal washer using the paper from Urban Source and then the last one is a wood tag using the design from the Trader Joe's paper bag.

It's definitely been a very crafty weekend!

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