My new love - Urban Source on Main Street

I dropped by my new favourite store, Urban Source, on Friday. I need to start collecting materials for the next few upcycling workshops I have coming up. I also want to make more wine cork earrings with the paper I found here. Yay!

Urban Source is one of those stores that you can browse through for a long time plus spend a bit of casholla on 'items'.

Loved these wood tags!

The best part is the bulk barrels area... Dangerous!

First I picked up a bunch of the paper I want to use for wine cork earrings and pendants.

I also pick up a roll of the black damask design. Each roll was $2.

Here's my goodie bag...

I grabbed a few paper pieces...

More laminate samples... They had samples that were larger so I got a bunch of those too! And there were some funky brushed metals ones. Kewl!

I bought a few of the wood tags and a couple of metal tags... There's loads of pendant making in my future!

I grabbed some pieces of film... Not sure what I can do with it but it's worth trying!

There are some nifty images in the film reel. So we'll see what I can create.

Wood numbers from the bulk barrels...

These are from the bulk barrels as well. I thought these items would be good for my upcoming superhero outfit workshop. Why not!

Now to organize my craft area and then make stuff! Fun!

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