More jewelry out of junk

I suspect I'm addicted to making jewelry out of junk. I can't help myself! I'm trying this, that and the other this week. Here's a pendant using a metal washer, scrap paper and wood varnish. I reused an old fabric necklace I had on hand. Amazing what you can do with metal washers!

I also made this pendant using a wood tag from Urban Source. The design is from a Trader Joe's paper bag. The gold and silver speckles are from a couple of layers of rice paper. So paper, modge podge then wood varnish. The clasp is from Michaels since I literally have no junky jewelry left to repurpose.

Here's my second metal washer pendant idea.

I also thought why not use smaller metal washers and make earrings to go with the pendant. This is where I get into the black hole of jewelry making. It's never ending!

Not sure if these are finished but here are the metal washer earrings...

And my second pendant in process...

And I changed the chain for my thrift store pendant update. So happy with this!

Tomorrow I'll finish up the pendants and earrings then move onto other crafty projects.

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