Making junky jewelry is pretty darn zen-ful

Today I took a breather from workshop prep and made some quick and dirty jewelry. I'm lovin' making jewelry out of 'junk'!

I created quite the assembly line - I made a bunch of pendants then earrings. My materials included wood tags, metal washers, scrap paper, mod podge and wood varnish.

I even tried using linoleum samples... Why not!

I also added rice paper to some of the pendants. I love the rice paper I grabbed at Urban Source - it has speckles of gold and silver.

After the scrap paper then rice paper I added three coats of wood varnish.

I made four sets of metal washer earrings.

I'm giving this set away to a friend. It's a surprise.

I used leather for the necklace and made it resizable.

I made a couple of pendants with this paper as well.

Here are the wood tag pendants.

And the earrings...

Next I want to come up with an idea for these pieces of wood from a thrift store bracelet.

Tomorrow I'm making plans for my two upcoming workshops... What we're actually doing which will then dictate what I need. And then I can make my samples. Yay for being crafty! Life is pretty darn fabulous these days!

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