Keeping busy & being crafty

Yup I'm definitely busy and feeling very crafty! I'm super addicted to making jewelry out of junk. I made 6 more metal washer pendants this week. Yay! Lovin' them!

I also made a pendant out of a laminate sample then added some repurposed thrift store jewelry.

I then decided to revisit my Etsy store. I am not so good with that whole Etsy thang. It took me forever to come up with OK photos. But I added some of my jewelry so we'll see. Find me at www.etsy.com/ca/shop/thriftybydesign.

I'll be adding a bunch of my metal washer pendants...

And maybe a few pairs of jewelry.

Otherwise I've been 'collecting' items for upcoming workshops... Found these mini frames for $2. There's seven frames.

And call me crazy but I bought this coaster set for $4. I know - uber ugly but I think I can do 'something' with it!

The cork is pretty dirty! Yikes!

I scored a few other finds - been lucking out these days! These are uber nifty! They were $1/each. I'm going to add plants to them. That's what they're for, right? I have no green thumb so these will end up being Xmas gifties.

So that's me... Prepping for workshops, going to workshops, being crafty, thrifting like crazy... The usual I guess!

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