Cereal box art

I have a new addiction - cereal box art. Yup you heard me correctly... I cut up a cereal box, painted on it then framed it in an empty CD case. And I loved it!

This is where the love affair began... A Shreddies box and four empty CD cases.

I cut up the cereal box. The pieces were 4.75 inches by 5 inches.

I decided to create a four letter word to hang on a wall - one letter per case. I actually Googled four letter words... I felt like kid but I wasn't looking for bad words. More like 'grow', 'love', 'life', etc. I ended up with 'wish'. A pretty darn good word.

I mod podged coloured tissue paper first then added some white tissue paper that had specs of glitter in it. Next step was to draw and paint my letter. Here's my 'i'.

I let my 'art' dry then inserted it into the case.

I love how the design from the cereal box comes through giving the painting depth and texture. This project made me miss my art school days!

Here's the finished pieces... Feels very pop art! Well super cheap pop art.

I like the use of the different coloured tissue paper. I see more cereal box art in my future!

Next I'll be working on a couple of more workshop samples tomorrow before the Culture Days kick off. It's all happening!

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