BFFs and kewl snail mail packages

Yay for BFFs! My uber fabulous friend Tara in Ottawa snail mailed some old jewelry to me last week. I mailed her one of my cat stuffies I made from scrap fabric... Next will most likely be some funky jewelry.

These cute earrings needed a minor update - yup I'm adding scrap wood to the back of these earrings. Maybe keep them as earrings or turn them into pendants.

I'm waiting for the glue to dry then I can sand the edges. Then we'll see what they become. I'm leaning towards pendants but we'll see.

I also used one of the earrings and added it to this scrap wood pendant. I love how it sits on top of the wood pendant. I then added a large jump ring from a thrift store find and added the pendant to a choker.

Here's a close up of the pendant - the outer silver circle has a pattern while the inner silver circle is plain. I think they look great overtop of the scrap paper design.

I'll finish up the earring update soon then get back into wine cork jewelry. First I need to finish prepping for next weekend's Culture Days upcycling workshops.

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