Story Crafting Upcycling Workshop

Today's Story Crafting Upcycling Workshop as part of Culture Days was so darn fabulous!! We had over 40 participants... It was pretty zen-ful. People just got down and made stuff. It was a fun afternoon. I had a minor 'accident' on my way to the workshop. One of my boxes exploded all over the sidewalk in front of my place. Yup - pouring rain and cardboard, laminate samples, playing cards were everywhere! Ah well I'll be investing in some plastic containers soon enough!

Here we are in full swing...

I had quite a few of the regulars show up. We're like one big kookie crafty family. Love it!!

Love meeting new people and seeing my regular crafty peeps!

This woman was making magic with the tissue paper. I couldn't resist a photo with her!

Busy busy!

I was so happy to see Alice... She's been one of my biggest fans for ages. She is one rockin' lady!

This woman has been to a couple of my workshops. She was so happy with her project.

These girls were so darn cute! It's project show off time!

They made this fun garland.

And they're back... These guys missed the jewelry making workshop but were back for the story crafting. Yay!

A cube made from empty CD cases.

More happy crafters!!

This woman was so sweet as well. These upcycling workshops attract some pretty kewl people. I really feel blessed today. I love what I do and meeting new people through craft. And being the BC Ambassador for Culture Days has been a pretty kick butt experience!

Thanks to everyone who came out for the workshop. I'll be posting details about upcoming workshops soon. There's a ton of crafty vibe-age coming my way. I couldn't be happier!


Culture Days is here & happening!

The kick off was last night and first thing this morning was the feature on CTV Morning Live. Rob Gloor, Executive Director at Greater Vancouver Alliance for Arts and Culture, and I were interviewed by Aamer Haleem. Now that was fun! Hanging out with the Seniors Flash Mobsters was pretty hilarious... They are darn kewl and vibrant! This morning was the Culture Days icing. I brought a few of my 'projects' in and we talked Culture Days and got crafty. Yay!

Click here to watch the full interview. I actually haven't watched it but apparently it was good. I'm super pumped about this weekend and making some Culture Days magic happen.

On other crafty fronts I've confirmed three upcoming workshops - one with Trade School Vancouver and two with the City of Richmond. I totally feel the upcycling, crafty girl love. And Sunday will be amazing... Culture Days... North Vancouver City Library... Upcycling workshop and story crafting... Life is pretty darn spectacular!

Happy Culture Days weekend everyone! Get out there and participate. Why not?! It's free, it's fun and it's everywhere! I'm one very happy crafter / upcycler.


Culture Days kick off was a blast!

What a night! The North Shore Culture Days kick off was a blast! I got to see a couple of my FAV peeps who are part of the Senior Flash Mobsters. Here's Alice from the Lions Gate Thrift Store and Bonny whose been to all of my North Vancouver City Library workshops. Such cutie patooties!

Here's the Adam Woodall Band starting things off.

Mayor Mussatto from the City of North Vancouver along with the acting Mayor Councillor Cameron from the District of West Vancouver and Mayor Walton from North Vancouver District helped introduce Culture Days.

And then the Senior Flash Mobsters were on... It was a great start to a super fun weekend!

I'll post more photos as they come in.

Note: I may have to cancel the workshop at the Gibsons Recycling Depot this Saturday due to heavy rain. It's supposed to be rainy and windy unfortunately and since we'll be crafting outside we may have to postpone the workshop.


Cereal box art

I have a new addiction - cereal box art. Yup you heard me correctly... I cut up a cereal box, painted on it then framed it in an empty CD case. And I loved it!

This is where the love affair began... A Shreddies box and four empty CD cases.

I cut up the cereal box. The pieces were 4.75 inches by 5 inches.

I decided to create a four letter word to hang on a wall - one letter per case. I actually Googled four letter words... I felt like kid but I wasn't looking for bad words. More like 'grow', 'love', 'life', etc. I ended up with 'wish'. A pretty darn good word.

I mod podged coloured tissue paper first then added some white tissue paper that had specs of glitter in it. Next step was to draw and paint my letter. Here's my 'i'.

I let my 'art' dry then inserted it into the case.

I love how the design from the cereal box comes through giving the painting depth and texture. This project made me miss my art school days!

Here's the finished pieces... Feels very pop art! Well super cheap pop art.

I like the use of the different coloured tissue paper. I see more cereal box art in my future!

Next I'll be working on a couple of more workshop samples tomorrow before the Culture Days kick off. It's all happening!

Big time Culture Days promo is happening!

The countdown is on... The North Shore Culture Days kick off is tomorrow. Maybe I'll see you there! I'm one of the speakers at the event. I'm feeling super grown up this week! The kick off takes place at 5pm at Shipbuilders' Square. It's going to be a fun event - music, both North Shore Mayors, one quirky crafty girl, the Senior Flash Mobsters and hopefully my Mom and Dad make it.

After the kick off I'll be prepping for both of my workshops. I'm still crafting ideas for both. Last night I made art using a cereal box and empty CD cases. That'll be my next blog post! Cereal boxes make great canvasses!

This week started with a couple of photo ops on Monday. Now that was a bizarre experience! But this year is about doing those things that make you a little uncomfortable so I had to go for it!

And today the photos plus articles were published about Culture Days featuring Thrifty By Design. Pretty exciting stuff! One was in the North Shore News, Culture Days opens doors to the arts.

The other feature was in the North Shore Outlook, Culture Days opens doors to the arts.

And it looks like I'll be on CTV's Morning Live this Friday morning with Rob Gloor, the Executive Director at Greater Vancouver Alliance for Arts and Culture. Life is pretty darn fabulous these days! I'm looking forward to this weekend's workshops.


BFFs and kewl snail mail packages

Yay for BFFs! My uber fabulous friend Tara in Ottawa snail mailed some old jewelry to me last week. I mailed her one of my cat stuffies I made from scrap fabric... Next will most likely be some funky jewelry.

These cute earrings needed a minor update - yup I'm adding scrap wood to the back of these earrings. Maybe keep them as earrings or turn them into pendants.

I'm waiting for the glue to dry then I can sand the edges. Then we'll see what they become. I'm leaning towards pendants but we'll see.

I also used one of the earrings and added it to this scrap wood pendant. I love how it sits on top of the wood pendant. I then added a large jump ring from a thrift store find and added the pendant to a choker.

Here's a close up of the pendant - the outer silver circle has a pattern while the inner silver circle is plain. I think they look great overtop of the scrap paper design.

I'll finish up the earring update soon then get back into wine cork jewelry. First I need to finish prepping for next weekend's Culture Days upcycling workshops.

Prepping for the Story Crafting Upcycling Workshop

I've started to get organized for my two upcoming Culture Days upcycling workshops next weekend... It's organized chaos.

A few of the materials for the Story Crafting Upcycling Workshop at the North Vancouver City Library.

I'm hoping to bring these old CD cases. I'll prep a sample project sometime this week to present to everyone.

For now I updated one of the dingy thrift store coasters I picked up last week.

Here's the coaster pre-update. Other than white paint and a photo here are my materials...

I shabby chic-ed the coaster. I replaced the screw-in pull with an eyelet. I inserted a photo where the cork was. Story crafting to me is telling your story by either a moment, a family connection, what's important to you... In this case I used a photo of a few of my most favourite workshop participants. I plan to give this to them on Sunday.

I added a mini painting of a heart to the back. This way it can be hung in a place that allows for both sides to be seen.

Another quick project was updating some calendar magnets I picked up at Urban Source. I grabbed 20 of these - hopefully that's enough. I may get more before Sunday. They're fun to work with!

I cut up my trusty Trader Joe's bag. I only had 2 or 3 of these but they really are the gift that keeps giving. Love the graphics!

First I mod podged an initial layer of paper bag pieces then added the design elements. And some glitter to jazz it up!

Then I painted one of my favourite mottos - 'adventure awaits.' I used a vibrant blue with mustard yellow and white accents. And now this is on my fridge. Another idea for me behind story crafting is creating something that inspires or speaks to your inner beauty. Sounds cheesy maybe but these days I like to see the possibility in my life and to be open to adventure and fun. Why not?!

So there are two ideas people can work on this Sunday. I have a few more in the works. It's cold and rainy out - the perfect day to be inside getting crafty. Life is pretty darn spectacular!


Culture Days workshop at the Gibsons Recycling Depot

We're turning trash into treasures next Saturday at the Gibsons Recycling Depot as part of Culture Days. If your in the neighbourhood drop by. All ages are welcome and materials are supplied. I'll be prepping project samples this weekend. Plus I'll be bringing some of my FAV upcycling projects to show everyone. I have two crafternoons next weekend. It's gonna be fun!

Visit my Thrifty By Design website for info on next weekend's workshops and all upcoming ones. I hope to share more exciting news soon. This is one heck of a year!


Keeping busy & being crafty

Yup I'm definitely busy and feeling very crafty! I'm super addicted to making jewelry out of junk. I made 6 more metal washer pendants this week. Yay! Lovin' them!

I also made a pendant out of a laminate sample then added some repurposed thrift store jewelry.

I then decided to revisit my Etsy store. I am not so good with that whole Etsy thang. It took me forever to come up with OK photos. But I added some of my jewelry so we'll see. Find me at www.etsy.com/ca/shop/thriftybydesign.

I'll be adding a bunch of my metal washer pendants...

And maybe a few pairs of jewelry.

Otherwise I've been 'collecting' items for upcoming workshops... Found these mini frames for $2. There's seven frames.

And call me crazy but I bought this coaster set for $4. I know - uber ugly but I think I can do 'something' with it!

The cork is pretty dirty! Yikes!

I scored a few other finds - been lucking out these days! These are uber nifty! They were $1/each. I'm going to add plants to them. That's what they're for, right? I have no green thumb so these will end up being Xmas gifties.

So that's me... Prepping for workshops, going to workshops, being crafty, thrifting like crazy... The usual I guess!