Wine cork earrings are swanky

And I'm back to prepping for the upcoming Sunday Crafternoon... I've got a list of stuff I want to attempt making beforehand. One thing on the list was to make a pair of wine cork earrings. Yup... Why not?! I love the challenge of making something pretty out of the most unordinary materials. Well maybe I succeeded in this case!

First I decided to use this paper from Urban Source on Main Street. It has beautiful graphics on it with speckles of glitter.

I also thought why not create a pendant to go with the earrings. Wine cork earrings and a scrap wood pendant... Could work? I also reused pieces from junkie jewelry finds.

After cutting out the paper I then decoupaged it onto the surfaces.

Next was adding a couple of coats of wood varnish.

I got out the dremel to drill a hole then used a jump ring from a junkie necklace someone gave me. I now have a funky pendant...

I screwed in the eyelets for the wine cork earrings then used earring hooks from some thrift store earrings.

Here's the complete set... There are a couple of super great things about this project - it didn't take a lot of time and cost next to nothing.

Plus I think the set looks pretty darn kewl! Yay!

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