Upholstery tacks & sore thumbs

Remember these chair updates from a couple of weeks ago?

Well the two brown vinyl chairs are in the process of getting an update... Yup no more icky dirty brown vinyl! Yay! They will soon be elegant, modern and dare I say... GORGEOUS. I started the upholstery update on the weekend. Picked up some upholstery tacks (I prefer them to a staple gun) then cut out the fabric and here's a teaser of the chairs...

The seats were easy to reupholster. The back is a bit finicky. So next weekend I'm hoping I can finish these guys off and start on the upholstery update on the teak chair. I am a crafting, upcycling machine these days!

Now I need to prep more jewelry projects for Sunday's workshop. I've been busy collecting bits and pieces... A friend cut the wine cork rounds and some more wood rounds for me. I should have enough for everyone! Here's hoping a bunch of crafty peeps show up to make stuff with me!

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