Thrift store scores... And yet another frame

Well I'm in high gear now for thrifting. Yesterday's Sunday Crafternoon used up a lot of my stockpile of buttons, scrap paper, etc. So now I need to compile 'stuff' for upcoming projects and workshops. Found these super fun buttons at the Lions Gate Thrift Store. They were $0.25 each. The big ones are all the same size - about 1 inch in diameter. These are perfect for wool sweater stuffies. So darn pumped!

Here's my stash of buttons - there's 21! Total score!

I also picked up these Vogue playing cards for $1. I'm going to upcycle them for an upcoming event. Love the box!

And I bought yet another frame for my 'wall of kewlness'. I've already sanded and oiled the frame. Next is to clean the glass... And I'm soaking the brass hanger - I'm hoping to rough this up a bit so it looks antique-y. And getting rid of the shellac type finish is a definite necessity!

And (I'm such a keener) I've already sent off my order for the print I want to use for the frame. This is from my last trek to the Sunshine Coast to see my friend Marnie and her kids. It's a bit of a goofy shot but I love it.

And well the wine cork donations are coming in! This bag will make tons of wine cork pendants and earrings. Holy smokes!

Getting into a groove with the thrifting, crafting, etc. So much to do these days and so little time and energy... Feeling pretty darn fabulous! :-)

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