Three chair updates equals an assembly line

I'm getting back into updating furniture. I've started by working on three chair updates at once. One is a teak chair I got for free and then I have a pair of chairs I've been meaning to update for ages. Yesterday I dragged these outside and started taking them apart.

First I started with the teak chair. I removed the cushion pieces then started sanding the wood. I also glued a small break in the wood holding the seat cushion.

I added a coat of oil to see if there was anywhere I needed to continue sanding.

I love how teak looks once you've sanded and oiled it!

This chair is going to look great!

I also worked on cleaning up the lids on these thrift store finds. I grabbed these canisters from the Lion Gate Thrift Store for $7 in total. Love this pattern!

After a bit of sanding and oiling these were good to go!

Tomorrow I'm back at 'er with the chairs. I'll refinish the wood first then work on the upholstery update. Fun fun!

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