Proposals, making stuff from 'junk' and being a grown up

So much crafty goodness is happening these days. It's incredible... 2013 is rockin'! I got a grant, I'm the BC Ambassador for Culture Days, my latest workshop was a hit... I'm so darn happy! And it just gets better.

This week I heard back from Guildford Library in Surrey about hosting a Winter Crafternoon. We've confirmed a date - it'll take place on Saturday, December 7th from 2pm to 4pm. I'll post further details soon.

I'm also working with a couple of kewl peeps on a proposal for a kids festival in the spring. We sent off the final proposal today and now we wait to see if we get the go ahead. I wrote a TBD bio and artist's CV for the proposal. That was trippy! It's so grown up! Yikes! * fingers crossed*

I created this project as part of the proposal - a bird feeder out of a plastic bottle.

First step was poking holes in the top then using string to hang the bird feeder...

I cut out a hole to give access to the seeds then started to decorate it with scrap vinyl...

I added silver, black and then this green grass pattern to the bottle. I also created a hole for the wood post to sit in.

Here's my final bird feeder. It's a super easy project!

Now on to prep work for my upcoming Culture Days workshops. I'm a very happy upcycler these days. :-)

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