Making jewelry out of 'junk' episode 1

And the prep for my next upcycling workshop has officially begun! I've started gathering materials - scrap wood, paper, tools, etc. My place is a mess of piles!

First project I tried out was making pendants out of scrap wood. I cut these rounds at a friend's then sanded the sides.

For the first pendant I wanted to add some colour - I used scrap vinyl to help me paint straight lines. I also wanted to keep some of the natural wood unpainted.

Here are the colours I ended up using.

I then added a bit of detail using a pencil and watercolour pencils. Next step was to use wood varnish to seal the design. I was going to use resin but a friend suggested a cheaper solution was the wood varnish.

And then I got my dremel out. Yahoo! Holy smokes... I love my dremel. I used a scrap piece of plywood then drilled some holes into my pendants. The one on the right used scrap paper.

I had three pendants out of wood, a couple of pendants out of cork and then a pin out of a glass jewel on the go...

For the jump ring I repurposed a thrift store necklace. I think the chunkiness of the jump ring works. I'm really liking this pendant using scrap paper!

Here's the final choker. The necklace is from the loonie store. I got 5 for $1.

Here are the other two pendants I made using the wood rounds.

I like this pendant...

Not really grooving on this one so think I'll add scrap paper over top of my paint job.

Next I made two pendants out of wine corks. This one is using scrap paper... It's an easy peasy project - scrap paper, wine cork, modge podge then you use a screw-in eyelet and it's done...

Here are the final pendants - I used a bird from a Trader Joe's paper bag.

Another idea was making pins using glass jewels and scrap paper. I'll try a couple more of these.

Basically you modge podge paper to the glass jewel, let it dry then Crazy Glue a jewelry pin to the back. Yup a super fast and easy project!

Later today I'll be working on my chair updates. First is to remove the upholstery then start on the new fabric. I picked up a bunch of teak plugs this week for when I'm ready to put the chairs back together. Hopefully the upholstery won't take too long!

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