Lovin' my $1 frame update

After a $3 investment and maybe an hour's worth of sanding and oiling the frame then prepping the photo to be printed - I have a pretty funky addition to my 'wall of kewlness'. Yay for that! I love cheap and easy updates.

Here's the before shot of the frame... The finish is super yucky.

And here's the finished update. I sanded the wood a bit then added oil to it. I cleaned the glass... It wasn't too dirty thankfully. Sometimes you get dead bugs, dirt, etc. I then printed a photo taken recently of me and a couple of my cutie patootie buddies.

I found the perfect spot for the frame. Yup a $3 investment and an hour of my time... Love being crafty!

Next I need to conquer the disaster area that is my crafty space... So many boxes from the last couple of workshops. This is a weekend project... Clean up is never the fun part!

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