For the love of Instagram

Well I took the plunge... I deleted my personal Instagram account and went for a full-on Thrifty By Design profile. Should be a fun ride! I've already posted photos which will include pics of my crafty adventures, thrift store finds, action shots from workshops, daily highlights, etc. Yay!

Here are a few from the past few days... Crafty inspiration found at Room 6 in Deep Cove... Thought these were super cute! I'm sanding my wood pendants tomorrow so I can start making sample pieces of jewelry for the next workshop.

Loved these little gift bags... Would be fun to customize gift bags for the jewelry we make in the workshop...

Funky thrift store finds from this past week. I sanded and oiled the lids since they had some blemishes.

I was on the Sunshine Coast this weekend. I dropped by the Gibsons Recycling Depot to meet up with Barb. We're planning an upcycling workshop together as part of Culture Days. Exciting!

And here's a lovely shot of me with my buddies Maaike and Pippa. Love these guys!

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