Chairs, chairs & yup more chairs

Wow... Chairs... Lots of them! Today I finished sanding and oiling the three chair updates. Next step is upholstery. Yikes! Gonna be a doozy!

Here are the two chairs I worked on today...

The wood is really nice now that it's been sanded and oiled.

All the chairs are done... Now the tedious work of removing the old upholstery and getting down to it with the new.

I have another free chair. I doubt it's teak but I love the lines. The upholstery is beyond my skill set at this point but I'll give the update a go!

I might keep this one. I'll need to add some foam to the seat cushion. It's not very comfy!

Today was a day of sanding 'things'. I sanded the edges of the wood cut outs for the jewelry workshop.

Hopefully I have enough! Next is to prep the wine corks.

I also sanded and oiled my find from the Gibsons Recycling Depot. I hung it in my living room. I think I should add a print to it. Not sure.

And here it is...

So next weekend is upholstery... Maybe attempt an initial pendant using the wood rounds. So many crafty things to do, so little time! :-)

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