And it just gets better!

What a GREAT day! Today's Sunday Crafternoon was quite amazing. I feel so blessed... 40+ people showed up to make jewlery out of 'junk' with me. Yay!

Olivia and Natalie came along. They were at my last workshop with their mom, Maralyn. I love these guys!

It was a hectic afternoon and I ran out of supplies at some point. Here's my workshop buddy Bonny making a pendant.

New friends rockin' it out and crafting it up a storm.

I've got quite the look on my face... I was fixing this girl's pendant. What a cutie!

Crafty love was happenin'. New and old friends...

Painting, glueing, etc - it was an intense afternoon of making 'stuff'!

Some people went off on their own craft voyage. This is the joy of crafting and Sunday Crafternoons... All I ask - make stuff, meet people, be joyful.

These ladies were so darn lovely. This is why I put on workshops. So fun, so appreciative, so open to making 'things'.

And an action shot... I think we've got the Crazy Glue out and we're just having fun...

Awww - a mom and son date. This guy was so darn keen on making stuff.

And he looks like a rockstar. He kept asking me this and that then crafting with his mom. Yup pretty darn kewl.

Nothing better than happy crafty peeps...

Everyone left with a few funky projects.

These girls were great! And lucky me - I have a bunch of new crafty peeps to connect with.

New and old crafty friends... I feel pretty grateful!

To top it off my coworker Tom brought flowers... He actually presented these to me as I was giving my workshop intro in front of everyone. I teared up. Tom is this absolutely wonderful man I work with... His generousity knows no bounds.

What a day!! A big thanks to everyone who came out. I am truly lucky since everyone was so much fun and open to making stuff out of 'junk'. Yay for me! And here's hoping I see a few of you at the next workshop. Definitely the best workshop EVER!

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