Proposals, making stuff from 'junk' and being a grown up

So much crafty goodness is happening these days. It's incredible... 2013 is rockin'! I got a grant, I'm the BC Ambassador for Culture Days, my latest workshop was a hit... I'm so darn happy! And it just gets better.

This week I heard back from Guildford Library in Surrey about hosting a Winter Crafternoon. We've confirmed a date - it'll take place on Saturday, December 7th from 2pm to 4pm. I'll post further details soon.

I'm also working with a couple of kewl peeps on a proposal for a kids festival in the spring. We sent off the final proposal today and now we wait to see if we get the go ahead. I wrote a TBD bio and artist's CV for the proposal. That was trippy! It's so grown up! Yikes! * fingers crossed*

I created this project as part of the proposal - a bird feeder out of a plastic bottle.

First step was poking holes in the top then using string to hang the bird feeder...

I cut out a hole to give access to the seeds then started to decorate it with scrap vinyl...

I added silver, black and then this green grass pattern to the bottle. I also created a hole for the wood post to sit in.

Here's my final bird feeder. It's a super easy project!

Now on to prep work for my upcoming Culture Days workshops. I'm a very happy upcycler these days. :-)


Lovin' my $1 frame update

After a $3 investment and maybe an hour's worth of sanding and oiling the frame then prepping the photo to be printed - I have a pretty funky addition to my 'wall of kewlness'. Yay for that! I love cheap and easy updates.

Here's the before shot of the frame... The finish is super yucky.

And here's the finished update. I sanded the wood a bit then added oil to it. I cleaned the glass... It wasn't too dirty thankfully. Sometimes you get dead bugs, dirt, etc. I then printed a photo taken recently of me and a couple of my cutie patootie buddies.

I found the perfect spot for the frame. Yup a $3 investment and an hour of my time... Love being crafty!

Next I need to conquer the disaster area that is my crafty space... So many boxes from the last couple of workshops. This is a weekend project... Clean up is never the fun part!


Thrift store scores... And yet another frame

Well I'm in high gear now for thrifting. Yesterday's Sunday Crafternoon used up a lot of my stockpile of buttons, scrap paper, etc. So now I need to compile 'stuff' for upcoming projects and workshops. Found these super fun buttons at the Lions Gate Thrift Store. They were $0.25 each. The big ones are all the same size - about 1 inch in diameter. These are perfect for wool sweater stuffies. So darn pumped!

Here's my stash of buttons - there's 21! Total score!

I also picked up these Vogue playing cards for $1. I'm going to upcycle them for an upcoming event. Love the box!

And I bought yet another frame for my 'wall of kewlness'. I've already sanded and oiled the frame. Next is to clean the glass... And I'm soaking the brass hanger - I'm hoping to rough this up a bit so it looks antique-y. And getting rid of the shellac type finish is a definite necessity!

And (I'm such a keener) I've already sent off my order for the print I want to use for the frame. This is from my last trek to the Sunshine Coast to see my friend Marnie and her kids. It's a bit of a goofy shot but I love it.

And well the wine cork donations are coming in! This bag will make tons of wine cork pendants and earrings. Holy smokes!

Getting into a groove with the thrifting, crafting, etc. So much to do these days and so little time and energy... Feeling pretty darn fabulous! :-)


And it just gets better!

What a GREAT day! Today's Sunday Crafternoon was quite amazing. I feel so blessed... 40+ people showed up to make jewlery out of 'junk' with me. Yay!

Olivia and Natalie came along. They were at my last workshop with their mom, Maralyn. I love these guys!

It was a hectic afternoon and I ran out of supplies at some point. Here's my workshop buddy Bonny making a pendant.

New friends rockin' it out and crafting it up a storm.

I've got quite the look on my face... I was fixing this girl's pendant. What a cutie!

Crafty love was happenin'. New and old friends...

Painting, glueing, etc - it was an intense afternoon of making 'stuff'!

Some people went off on their own craft voyage. This is the joy of crafting and Sunday Crafternoons... All I ask - make stuff, meet people, be joyful.

These ladies were so darn lovely. This is why I put on workshops. So fun, so appreciative, so open to making 'things'.

And an action shot... I think we've got the Crazy Glue out and we're just having fun...

Awww - a mom and son date. This guy was so darn keen on making stuff.

And he looks like a rockstar. He kept asking me this and that then crafting with his mom. Yup pretty darn kewl.

Nothing better than happy crafty peeps...

Everyone left with a few funky projects.

These girls were great! And lucky me - I have a bunch of new crafty peeps to connect with.

New and old crafty friends... I feel pretty grateful!

To top it off my coworker Tom brought flowers... He actually presented these to me as I was giving my workshop intro in front of everyone. I teared up. Tom is this absolutely wonderful man I work with... His generousity knows no bounds.

What a day!! A big thanks to everyone who came out. I am truly lucky since everyone was so much fun and open to making stuff out of 'junk'. Yay for me! And here's hoping I see a few of you at the next workshop. Definitely the best workshop EVER!


Wine cork earrings are swanky

And I'm back to prepping for the upcoming Sunday Crafternoon... I've got a list of stuff I want to attempt making beforehand. One thing on the list was to make a pair of wine cork earrings. Yup... Why not?! I love the challenge of making something pretty out of the most unordinary materials. Well maybe I succeeded in this case!

First I decided to use this paper from Urban Source on Main Street. It has beautiful graphics on it with speckles of glitter.

I also thought why not create a pendant to go with the earrings. Wine cork earrings and a scrap wood pendant... Could work? I also reused pieces from junkie jewelry finds.

After cutting out the paper I then decoupaged it onto the surfaces.

Next was adding a couple of coats of wood varnish.

I got out the dremel to drill a hole then used a jump ring from a junkie necklace someone gave me. I now have a funky pendant...

I screwed in the eyelets for the wine cork earrings then used earring hooks from some thrift store earrings.

Here's the complete set... There are a couple of super great things about this project - it didn't take a lot of time and cost next to nothing.

Plus I think the set looks pretty darn kewl! Yay!


Workshop prep - helpful friends & kewl stores

This weekend is another Sunday Crafternoon at the North Vancouver City Library. I can't wait! I've been prepping this past while... A friend trimmed wine corks and cut wood rounds for me. Check out all the cork rounds. Loads of wine cork pendants will be created. Yay!

And more wood rounds are good to go!

I've been collecting materials for the workshop - scrap paper, glue, jewelry making supplies (jump rings, jewelry pins, earring stems), etc. And in my adventures I found out about Urban Source on Main Street. Holy smokes! What a great place!

Urban Source sells alternative art materials. They collect from over 100 different local industries, diverting safe, useable off-cuts, discards, misprints and over-stock from the land fill. Love how Urban Sources gives you a bag to fill up for a minimal amount of money so you can buy discarded stuff then turn into funky projects.

First off I filled a goodie bag full of potentially kewl items for jewelry making... Got these stamps. These could either be used for stamping gift bags or pendants.

These laminate samples may work as pendants.

The top metal pieces could be glued to the wood rounds. And then the below metal pieces could be pendants that you decoupage scrap paper to.

I picked up tons of paper that could work for either bead making or for pendants...

Sheets of paper with music, graphics, text...

And more funky paper...

Veneer and metallic paper...

I think I have everything we're gonna need! Saturday I'll be finishing up my jewelry projects to present to everyone. See you Sunday!


Quickie thrift store pendant update

I'm back working on jewelry... Tonight was a quick update to a pendant I found at the Lions Gate Thrift Shop this afternoon. I paid $4.50 for this - kind of expensive for me but I knew I could make it look pretty with only a teeny tiny bit of work.

All I wanted to do was add a wood backing. Easy!

I added glue to the metal pendant then stuck it to the scrap wood. I knew I could trim the wood down then easily sand it so it was flush with the edges of the metal.

Here's the final update... It took me less than an hour and probably cost $5 in total. I added a jump ring to the top - I think it looks nicer than the original clasp.

Love my new to me pendant. I added it to this choker.

Next I need to focus on prepping for this weekend's Sunday Crafternoon. Can't wait!