Toilet paper roll upcycling projects

Well I was pretty darn industrious with my upcycling prep for the workshop this past weekend. I had a few ideas for the cereal boxes and then moved on to upcycling toilet paper rolls.

Before working with the toilet paper rolls, I made a gift tag out of scrap cardboard from one of the cereal box projects. I used the same process as the gift bag project... Decoupage, scrap paper and glitter. And it's pretty!

I used the lid of a cereal box... Waste not, want not as they say...

Here's the tag I cut out...

Then layered strips of newsprint paper...

The final step was adding tissue paper, a butterfly cut out from my Trader Joe's paper bag and then glitter.

Next project was turning a toilet paper roll into a gift bag. I didn't end up taking in process photos - oops! But here's the final piece - I am a decoupage goddess! I layered newsprint then painted it blue. I added the tissue and glitter then wrapped it with ribbon.

I think it looks pretty darn swanky! I also put a gift inside since I knew I was going to giveaway all of my projects at the workshop. Fun!

Next project was making an owl. I've seen loads of animals made using toilet paper rolls. I wanted to create my very own owl. First step was cutting up a bunch of circles. I used the Zing Paperie & Design scrap paper then put aside some buttons for the eyes.

Here he is! I decoupaged then painted then glued the paper. Final step was getting my glue gun out and adding the eyes. Love it!

This was another easy peasy project... Great how you can spend minimal time and money to create something pretty funky!

My last toilet paper roll project was creating a flying fish. I got some great ideas via Google and Pinterest. I thought this would be a cute project for kids. First was deciding on my colour scheme and cutting out pieces of tissue paper.

I cut out a bunch of circles then added them to the toilet paper roll.

Here's the final flying fish... Although a couple of kids told me it actually looked like a squid. Atleast it looked like a sea creature! Phew!

Upcoming Workshop Prep

I also managed to prep materials for the August 25th upcycling workshop - we're making jewelry! Yay! I dropped by a friend's - she has power tools! Her husband and I cut up some scrap doorskin I had lying around. These will be good for pendants.

She also had a ton of wine corks that she donated. I'll trim these into smaller rounds then we can make pendants and earrings out of them. So super pumped for making jewelry.

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