Thrift store finds & weekend projects

This weekend I'm working on projects for the upcoming workshop on July 28th and I'm refinishing my new thrift store find. Found this printers tray at the Lions Gate Thrift Store for $5. My fabulous buddy Beth pointed it out to me. Apparently $5 is a steal... I'm looking forward to cleaning it up this weekend.

I'm going to clean it up a bit then sand, oil and varathane it. I'd like to keep it as close to the original shape as possible. Love the drawer handle and the labels.

The inside is where I need to do a lot of cleaning up. I actually thought I could hang this in my living room and use it as a memory board for my travels. I'll print some of my Cuba pics then figure out what else I should add. Fun!

While I'm at it I'm going to stain the frame on this mirror that was donated to me. Then I can hang both of these this weekend above my couch.

The wall across from my couch, my 'Wall of Kewlness', is getting pretty full!

I added a couple of frame updates this week - finally got the photo of my Mom and I up and then added a photo from Cuba.

Can't wait to get the printers tray up! I love funky thrift store finds!


  1. Wow! $5 IS A STEAL! Nevermind that it's a steal, I've been looking for one for ages! Yours is beautiful. What I love about it is that the sections are all one uniform size too. Gorgeous. Great find!

  2. I agree! I can't believe my luck with the printers drawer... $5 and it's in such great shape. I love it as a memory board and my Instagram pics from Cuba look fabulous! Yay!! :-)