Three frames & printers tray update

Yay for summer! Yesterday I spent a couple of hours working on three frame updates and was hoping to get to my printers tray. I only managed to work on the frames so today I'm adding a coat of varathane to the frames then cleaning up the printers tray.

First I worked on the mirrors I bought via a Facebook group called North Shore Attic. I paid $5 for these mirrors. The frame is some sort of plastic - not ideal but I thought they would fit my living room. The gold had to definitely go though!

I wasn't sure what colour to paint them then decided to use the aluminum spray paint I picked up last weekend for the tins I updated. First step was adding a coat of aluminum to the frames.

While I waited for the frames to dry I worked on my Ikea mirror update. This was a freebie that needed a bit of jazzing up.

I picked up a can of gel stain from Rona. I wanted something dark - not a dirty brown or black. I found a darker brown that had a bit of red in it. Perfect!

I added the gel then let it sit for a few minutes. Then took a cloth and removed the excess stain. I love the final colour!! A nice deep brown that brings out the wood grain.

Today I'll add a coat of varathane then it'll be good to go!

Such an easy update - I am so stoked about the colour of the frame!

Once these frames were dry, I added some white craft paint. The paint job is pretty rough but I just wanted to soften the silver.

Next I used a wet cloth to rub the details in the frame. This way I could add some depth to the finish - the details came up silver with a soft white. Looks so much more sophisticated than the gold/bronze finish it originally had. Phew!

I may have to try this affect on other pieces. So happy with the finish! Next step is a coat of varathane.

Off to varathane the three frame updates then clean up my printers tray. Gonna be a fun afternoon!

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