Sunny weekends & painting

And summer has finally arrived! Sunny and it was super hot this long weekend. So what's a thrifty girl to do but paint! I was given these tins awhile back. They're not original vintage tins but reproductions. Not my thing so I painted them.

I grabbed some spray paint - purple for the lids and aluminum for the bottoms.

It didn't take long to paint the bottoms...

The lids took a bit longer. A couple of the lids were a bit beaten up but that's OK!

Here are a few of the finished tins. I picked up some chalkboard stickers from Michaels. Silver and purple is a lovely combination!

As I was waiting for the tins to dry I worked on some frame updates. I have three frames I'm refinishing for my wall of kewlness. This frame was $3.99 at the Salvation Army.

It was a bit yucky - dead bugs, dirt, etc.

I wanted this frame for the photo of my Mom and I. Next I'll figure out where it should go on my wall. Plus finished up my other frame updates. I want to get some Cuba photos printed for those.

I also may add this cute bowl to my wall. Two birds and a big heart... So darn sweet!

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