Printers drawer is now a funky memory box

This morning I finished turning my vintage printers drawer into a memory box for my living room. I wanted the memory box to hold key moments from my recent trip to Cuba. I printed 10 of my Instagram pics and mounted them onto the printers drawer. Lovin' it!

I ordered 5" by 5" prints that I could then trim to the correct size which was approximately 4.5" x 4.5". Here's the top 10 pics I choose - people, places and moments that were Cuba for me.

I think I choose well as far as key memories go and a perfect range of colours.

I used a glue stick to adhere the photos to a heavy piece of black paper. I thought this would make the photos less flimsy when mounting them onto the printers drawer.

I trimmed the photos then placed them on the printers drawer. I used double-sided mounting tape to adhere the prints to the printers drawer. I kept this update simple just in case I wanted to use the printers drawer differently in the future.

I also added squares of funky paper from the paper sample set from Zing Paperie & Design to some of the squares.

I like the balance between the photos and the paper. I also like how the photos are mounted on top and the paper is inserted in the boxes.

Next I'll work on projects for next weekend's workshop. Yup I have tons of boxes! I also am waiting on a donation of 100s of empty CD cases. I'll save those for the Culture Days workshop on September 29th. And finally we've decided on projects for the August 25th workshop - we're making jewelry! Gonna be fun! Materials will include wine corks, wood, scrap paper and more.

Hope everyone is enjoying their July! I'm planning to work on a few furniture updates soon. Lovin' being crafty these days!


  1. Oh, I would LOVE to find a piece like that! I love the photo box idea!


  2. Thanks! I adore this piece... Total score for $5! :-)

  3. I found this on Pinterest and wanted to let you know that I think this is a brilliant idea for a thrift store upcycle! From a fellow Canadian next door in Alberta. I now have another item to keep an eye out for in thrift stores!

    1. Thanks Thea! I'm so happy with my thrift store find. It's a fun & eclectic way to feature photos, memories, etc. And a total steal at $5. Happy crafting in Alberta! :-)

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