Easy peasy thrift store find update

Gotta love easy peasy craft projects... I spent maybe an hour making this box last night. Well refinishing it I guess. It's now white with paper decoupaged to the top. Funky scrap paper, Modge Podge and craft paint did the trick!

Here's my score from the Lions Gate Thrift Store... I picked these up yesterday - a horseshoe, a candle holder, a jewelry box and then small blank cards. All for $6. Dealorama!

No idea what to do with the horseshoe. Any ideas? I could just hang it in my living room as is or think of something a bit more elaborate. We'll see!

Here's the jewelry box I picked up for $0.50. Super cute but very dated looking.

First I painted the outside white with craft paint. I then decided to use paper from the Zing Paperie & Design sample paper donation.

I cut the shape of the box out leaving a bit for trimming. I then used Modge Podge to adhere the paper to the top of the box. Once the glue was dry I then trimmed the edges.

I left the inside as is.

Here's the final jewelry box. So darn cute!! Now I need to make jewelry to go inside then give it away. Yay!

What a cheap update... Probably cost under a $1 in total then only took me about an hour. Not too shabby at all!

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