Cereal box project #1 complete

For my upcoming workshop on July 28th, I'm making things using items found in your recyclable bin - mainly cereal boxes, tissue boxes and toilet paper rolls. First upcycling project is making an organizer... Maybe you want one for your desk but the one I made is for my kitchen. I added magnets so it hangs on my fridge.

I took the Smart Pop box and cut open the top then added scrap paper to the outside. The scrap paper was donated by Zing Paperie & Design in Park Royal. This paper is so sweet!

I added plain pink to the inside of the box next...

I then added dollar store ribbon to the edges...

I added it to all of the edges - I think this adds a nice touch!

I used wooden pegs to help keep the ribbon in place while the glue dried. I also added a chalkboard sticker. I have a few left over from the tins I updated last weekend.

Here's the finished organizer - I glued magnets to the back so it sticks to my fridge.

The other project I'm trying is creating beads using scrap cardboard or paper. It's a super easy project and I'm hoping I can make large beads that can then be used as ornaments.

I'll add more photos once I try a few beads. All you need is white glue, skewers and scrap paper. And it doesn't take long to make beads... Here's my first bead using scrap paper...

Here's my stash of donations for the upcoming workshop. Thanks to family and friends I should have enough for everyone who participates in the workshop!

Tomorrow I'm painting! I have three frame updates plus I'm refinishing the printers tray. So happy summer is here and I can paint stuff outside!

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