Best upcycling workshop ever!

This Sunday was another upcycling workshop at the North Vancouver City Library. We were upcycling items from your recycling bin - cereal boxes, tissue boxes and toilet paper rolls. I wasn't sure I would have enough supplies but I was A-OK. Thanks to friends, family and coworkers I had tons of boxes and toilet paper rolls!

I was worried that no one would show up... Being inside on a sunny Sunday afternoon isn't ideal. But we had 20 people show up! Amazing! We had a fabulous group... People got involved, made new friends, created kewl projects, got messy... It was a huge success and so much fun!

First we gathered materials and then got to work...

Nice to see everyone involved in making something. It was a very industrious group who were excited to make things.

My crafty buddy Bonny showed up. Bonny has been to all of my workshops at the North Vancouver City Library.

Here's another 'action' shot...

One of the final pieces - a noise maker using a toilet paper roll.

Here's the creator of the noise maker...

Another maker with their final project - a killer whale using a toilet paper roll.

Here's my group of new crafty peeps. Yay!

And Bonny and I taking a breather from creating... She's a keeper!

More kewl projects in the making...

Another project on the go...

Creators and their creations...

One of my new crafty peeps who managed to finish up two projects.

Love her glasses! So darn cute!

And another happy crafter with a couple of projects to take home.

Loved this trio... Happy happy!

Making friends... And FAB projects!

Here's Bonny's owl - it looks way better than mine!

A super sweet cereal box organizer.

More final projects...

My absolute favourite photo from the workshop!

Here are their final projects...

Thanks to everyone who joined me for the Sunday Crafternoon. Was a blast! Hope to see you on August 25th! Big thanks to the North Vancouver City Library. You rock!

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