A day of redos

What a weekend! I worked on my update to the printers drawer yesterday and today I worked on a couple of project redos.

After refinishing my free Ikea mirror last weekend, I decided to use the same stain to darken this dresser I refinished ages ago.

I originally used Ipswich Pine for this update but today I thought why not see if darkening the stain would make it prettier.

First was removing the drawer pulls then slathering the dresser in the gel stain.

I let the stain sit for an hour.

After wiping the excess stain off it was complete! I didn't add varathane to the finish - just left as is. I did sand the drawer pulls a bit though.

The gel stain didn't make a huge difference so I'll leave the dresser as is. Maybe one other sunny weekend I'll try again. Still love this dresser though!

Next was redoing this wall decor update from not too long ago. I decided to use the same process as the mirrors I updated last weekend - spray paint them aluminum then add a coat of white paint then wash and rub the white paint to bring out a softer aluminum finish.

First I spray painted them...

Then added a coat of white paint...

I then washed them under a tap so I could smooth out the paint. Then I rubbed the finish to bring out the aluminum. Final step was spraying with varathane. I'm pretty happy with the end result! Two project redos in a jiffy!

Project Update

Once I got home and put my redos back in their homes, I revisited my memory board. I got an idea for something to add to the board through a follower on my TBD Facebook page. She suggested I add coins or little knick knacks from my trip. I didn't have anything other than maps. I was so darn pumped since maps were the perfect fit for my memory board! I took pieces of my Havana map to add to the board.

I cut out four sections of the map of key places - places where something momentous happened, etc.

I am so happy with my memory board... Photos of key people and places plus the pieces from my map of Havana and then the addition of the funky paper. So super kewl!

Next weekend is another Sunday Crafternoon at the North Vancouver City Library... I have tons of donations and materials. Now I have to make stuff for Sunday. Next upcycling project - a gift bag using an upcycled cereal box.

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