Yay for summer & thrifty events

And it's official - summer is here! Yay! The best part about summer is fun, free events throughout Vancouver AND garage sales. I'm hoping to find some kewl stuff in the next while... Maybe some furniture to update!

Friday night I trekked to the Sunshine Coast to see friends. Saturday we did a bit of 'shopping'. First stop was my old haunt - Gibsons Recycling Depot. It was busy! Unfortunately I didn't find anything but was good to drop by.

Next was the Happy Cat Haven Garage Sale. It's been 3 years since I left the Coast and I haven't managed to drop by the Happy Cat Haven Garage Sale since leaving. Usually you can find some pretty nifty stuff for super cheap!

Here's Barb and I... It was great to see her!

I picked up some fabric samples. I thought these would be good for making more 'creatures' with. I paid $1.

Today's adventures included the Circus Sale at Presentation House Theatre.

There was tons of kewl finds but alas I didn't find anything worthy. Bummer!

Can you imagine decorating a kid's room with this...

The perfect 'how to' guide...

Fun set of musical instruments...

A unicycle of course...

And everyone needs a ukulele... Don't they?

And my morning serenade...

Next stop was the IDI Designer Garage Sale at the North Vancouver Habit for Humanity ReStore. It started at 10am and getting there at 10:30am may have been a mistake. Tons had already been sold.

Busy busy!

Now it's time to finally organize my place after getting back from Cuba and then putting on the Get Crafty Upcycling Workshop. Things are chaotic and I'm ready to get organized and then sew stuff... Paint things... Yup time to be crafty!

Found this fabric at the Lions Gate Thrift Store this week for $2... This plus my fabric samples from the Happy Cat Haven Garage Sale will be turned into creatures.

And then I wanted to finish painting these bookends. I've added a base of white paint. I think I'll add colour to the inside of the letters next then tada! They're done and needing a happy home.

Here's to summer, garage sales and getting crafty!

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