Papergirl Vancouver "What Moves You" Workshop

This week I went to the Papergirl Vancouver printprinting workshop, 'What Moves You'. It was a free event at the Roundhouse Community Centre. Not only do I love Papergirl Vancouver but the Roundhouse Community Centre is my FAV community centre in Vancouver. That's where I took my woodworking course plus a Papergirl Vancouver card making workshop.

We used upcycled materials and hand-crafted blocks to create our own unique art pieces while learning the basics of printmaking and design. It was super fun!

Here are the items I chose for my first print...

The beginnings of my print...

And here's my final piece... It's raining bike wheels. I created a few prints then donated a couple to Papergirl Vancouver. This print will hopefully find a happy home!

Papergirl Vancouver will be hosting more workshops so definitely sign up if you can. There's another 'What Moves You' workshop on July 4 at the Roundhouse Community Centre. Visit www.papergirlvancouver.com for more info.

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