Craftiness in Cuba

I'm back from Cuba! What an amazing trip! It was intense, challenging, fun and full of adventure. It took me a bit to get used to the heat... Plus Havana is under construction with streets and buildings being restored. I was constantly sweaty and dirty. And looking gorgeous as ever with splotches of red. Yup despite loads of sunscreen I have a mini tan now.

Most of my time was spent in Havana. I stayed in a beautiful hotel in Old Havana and managed to walk a lot. I took some day trips then spent a few days in an all-inclusive in Varadero. Was one of my best single girl treks ever.

The architecture in Havana is stunning. This is my favourite building. An art deco masterpiece with loads of gorgeous details.

This is the metal work on the door.

This is a detail above the entryway of an apartment building. Loved just trekking around finding kewlness.

And there are tons of markets throughout Cuba. This is the big art market in Havana. There's loads of art to buy!

The market is quite big with lots to see.

I bought a couple of funky necklaces from this stand.

This is the necklace and ring I bought made out of shells that are native to Cuba.

And then I bought this choker with a pendant made from cutlery.

You can find funky paper mache pieces as well. Love these masks! Might be a great idea for an upcoming upcycling workshop!

This is one of my favourite photos - these are baskets made from banana leaves. I happened upon these outside of a cave in the ViƱales Valley.

And purses made from pop can tabs found in Varadero.

My Cuba trek was so great in many ways but now I'm back to reality... And ready to get crafty! Yesterday was my latest upcycling workshop so I'll be posting pics of the projects I prepped plus photos from the workshop. And this week I'll be confirming dates for more workshops. It's gonna be a great summer my crafty friends!!

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