And even more projects for the workshop

Here are the final projects I prepped for the Get Crafty Upcycling Workshop using old wool sweaters. First I made a quick and dirty wrist band using an old wool scarf and old buttons.

I first cut a strip of the felted wool and picked out the buttons.

Here's the start of my wrist band.

I added some stitching around the edges then added the buttons. After that I cut buttonholes. And it's done!

And another brooch made using felted wool and a teeny bit of script.

Finally I made a simple purse. I cut out a long strip of felted wool then pinned the sides.

I sewed the sides together...

I added buttons and some felt applique.

That's it for projects for the workshop. Next I'll post photos from the workshop. It was so much fun! And I found homes for my projects.

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