Dates for upcoming upcycling workshops

Great news! I've confirmed the dates for the next upcycling workshops with the North Vancouver City Library. These workshops are being funded by the Neighbourhood Small Grant I received. Super exciting and I feel very grown up.

The three workshops are as follows:

Upcycling Workshop: Upcycling Items from Your Recycle Bin
Sunday, July 28, 2013 at 1:30pm to 3:30pm

We'll be upcycling items found in your household recycling bin - cereal boxes, tissue boxes & toilet roll tubes. Add some scrap paper/fabric, old magazines, buttons, etc. There's tons of nifty things we can make! More info to come!

Upcycling Workshop: Project TBD
Sunday, August 25, 2013 at 1:30pm to 3:30pm

I'll post more details closer to the event.

Culture Days Upcycling Workshop: Story Crafting
Sunday, September 29, 2013 at 1:30pm to 3:30pm

Culture Days is from September 27, 28 & 29. I'm partnering with the North Vancouver City Library again on an Upcycling Workshop. We'll be offering crafty projects that focus on storytelling through craft. Details to come!

Check back for further details or visit my TBD News & Events page.


Papergirl Vancouver "What Moves You" Workshop

This week I went to the Papergirl Vancouver printprinting workshop, 'What Moves You'. It was a free event at the Roundhouse Community Centre. Not only do I love Papergirl Vancouver but the Roundhouse Community Centre is my FAV community centre in Vancouver. That's where I took my woodworking course plus a Papergirl Vancouver card making workshop.

We used upcycled materials and hand-crafted blocks to create our own unique art pieces while learning the basics of printmaking and design. It was super fun!

Here are the items I chose for my first print...

The beginnings of my print...

And here's my final piece... It's raining bike wheels. I created a few prints then donated a couple to Papergirl Vancouver. This print will hopefully find a happy home!

Papergirl Vancouver will be hosting more workshops so definitely sign up if you can. There's another 'What Moves You' workshop on July 4 at the Roundhouse Community Centre. Visit www.papergirlvancouver.com for more info.

Yay for summer & thrifty events

And it's official - summer is here! Yay! The best part about summer is fun, free events throughout Vancouver AND garage sales. I'm hoping to find some kewl stuff in the next while... Maybe some furniture to update!

Friday night I trekked to the Sunshine Coast to see friends. Saturday we did a bit of 'shopping'. First stop was my old haunt - Gibsons Recycling Depot. It was busy! Unfortunately I didn't find anything but was good to drop by.

Next was the Happy Cat Haven Garage Sale. It's been 3 years since I left the Coast and I haven't managed to drop by the Happy Cat Haven Garage Sale since leaving. Usually you can find some pretty nifty stuff for super cheap!

Here's Barb and I... It was great to see her!

I picked up some fabric samples. I thought these would be good for making more 'creatures' with. I paid $1.

Today's adventures included the Circus Sale at Presentation House Theatre.

There was tons of kewl finds but alas I didn't find anything worthy. Bummer!

Can you imagine decorating a kid's room with this...

The perfect 'how to' guide...

Fun set of musical instruments...

A unicycle of course...

And everyone needs a ukulele... Don't they?

And my morning serenade...

Next stop was the IDI Designer Garage Sale at the North Vancouver Habit for Humanity ReStore. It started at 10am and getting there at 10:30am may have been a mistake. Tons had already been sold.

Busy busy!

Now it's time to finally organize my place after getting back from Cuba and then putting on the Get Crafty Upcycling Workshop. Things are chaotic and I'm ready to get organized and then sew stuff... Paint things... Yup time to be crafty!

Found this fabric at the Lions Gate Thrift Store this week for $2... This plus my fabric samples from the Happy Cat Haven Garage Sale will be turned into creatures.

And then I wanted to finish painting these bookends. I've added a base of white paint. I think I'll add colour to the inside of the letters next then tada! They're done and needing a happy home.

Here's to summer, garage sales and getting crafty!


A fun day getting crafty

Here's the rundown on my latest workshop, Get Crafty Upcycling Workshop. It was a hit! I was invited by the District of North Vancouver Library to organize an upcycling workshop at their Capilano Branch. The Capilano Branch is in Edgemont Village which is where I grew up. It was a nice connection to be there in my old hood.

We had 17 participants some of whom had been to previous Thrifty By Design workshops. I brought all of the upcycled creations I prepped plus gave a quick intro then we got to work!

People picked out their supplies then started working on one of the projects I presented. Plus some people choose to work on other ideas using old wool sweaters.

We had a few mother-daughter dates and a mother-son date.

Here's my buddy Kaltrina, a newbie to crafting...

She made a couple of swanky barrettes.

Here's Kaltrina and Dee - they trekked all the way from Squamish for the workshop.

My crafty friend Carol also came to the workshop. She made a pillow that she sprinkled with catnip for her cats.

Here's a new friend who made a very sweet Father's Day gift for her Dad. She attended my Xmas Upcycling Workshop with her Mom. So cute!

Here's the Father's Day giftie...

Here are a few of the final projects... This is a book sleeve...

A coffee sleeve and a small purse...

A brooch and a small purse...

A pillow...

Here's one of my dynamic duos...

And their projects... A creature...

With scrap wool for hair - very punk rock!

And an owl...

And good news! I found happy homes for my projects! My buddy LaVerne took home my creature...

And my new friend was very excited to take the owl home. She even knew were it would go and what would go in the back pocket!

So a fabulous day indeed with super kewl peeps and fun projects! Here's to more workshops this summer. Stay tuned for details!


And even more projects for the workshop

Here are the final projects I prepped for the Get Crafty Upcycling Workshop using old wool sweaters. First I made a quick and dirty wrist band using an old wool scarf and old buttons.

I first cut a strip of the felted wool and picked out the buttons.

Here's the start of my wrist band.

I added some stitching around the edges then added the buttons. After that I cut buttonholes. And it's done!

And another brooch made using felted wool and a teeny bit of script.

Finally I made a simple purse. I cut out a long strip of felted wool then pinned the sides.

I sewed the sides together...

I added buttons and some felt applique.

That's it for projects for the workshop. Next I'll post photos from the workshop. It was so much fun! And I found homes for my projects.

Quick project for the upcycling workshop - coffee sleeves

Here's another project I presented at my Get Crafty Upcycling Workshop this weekend... Easy peasy coffee sleeves using felted wool sweaters.

I made three using old wool sweaters, buttons and felt applique.

I started by using one of the cuffs from this thrift store sweater. Love the colour!

Then I cut a design out of felt using a cookie cutter.

I stitched the heart to the cuff then added a buttonhole stitch to the part of the cuff that I cut. Hopefully this will help stop the edges from fraying.

Here's the final coffee sleeve. The colour combo is pretty darn happy, isn't it? And the sleeve didn't take long to make.

Here's the second coffee sleeve also using the cuff from a thrift store sweater. I've used a couple of buttons to accent the design and then stitched up the side with a buttonhole stitch.

Here are the two coffee sleeves I made using sweater cuffs.

I made the third coffee sleeve differently. I cut one long piece of wool then added some text and felt applique. First I started with the text...

Here's the text and felt applique.

Then I used my sewing machine to stitch up the side of the sleeve.

And here's the final sleeve...

Coffee sleeves are a fun and easy upcycling option for old wool sweaters or maybe even remnant fabric. I created my three coffee sleeves in a jiffy!