Workshop project #2: A basic brooch

Next project was a quick and dirty brooch using the same materials. I'm going to try a few brooch designs - simple to a bit more complicated. My first attempt is super simple and took maybe a half hour to make.

Here are the materials other than the wool sweater pieces...

A selection of buttons...

A flower pattern on the left and a butterfly pattern on the right...

And then the bar pins for the back.

I chose the turquoise flower button then used a piece of turquoise sweater for the back. I cut out the flower pattern from a grey sweater.

I sewed the bar pin to the back piece and then the turquoise button to the front piece.

Then buttonhole stitched the front and back together. And it was done!

Next I'll be making another stuffie, more brooches, more barrettes, a bracelet... And more!

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