Workshop project #1: A cutie pie cat stuffie

I'm prepping projects for the Get Crafty Upcycling Workshop at the Capilano Branch of the North Vancouver District Library next month. I'm presenting a bunch of projects using old wool sweaters, remnant buttons and junky jewelry. I've got ideas for all levels and all ages. My first prep project is making a stuffie cat.

Meet Felix... He's made from a few felted wool sweaters, a couple of buttons and then eco fill.

Here's the initial drawing I doodled as a pattern.

I folded the drawing then cut it out. This way both sides were exactly the same.

I cut out a face then placed the buttons and nose.

Here's the initial stitching.

I pinned the front and back together then started to stitch the sides up.

I realized halfway through the stitching that I forgot the whiskers. So I took apart a bit of the stitching, added the whiskers then stitched him back up.

Here he is. All done!

Next I want to make a monster stuffie. Fun!

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