My Mom's Day frame update is done

I finished up my Mom's Day frame update tonight. It was an easy peasy update and the frame was well worth $6.99. I hope Mom likes the frame and photo!



I love the soft white finish. I added a coat of white craft paint then rubbed the frame with a sponge to remove the white from the details. Then I varathaned the frame. I was able to 'hide' the imperfections in the frame or atleast make them less obvious.

I had one hiccup. I added the photo then realized I needed a cushion between the photo and the back of the frame so the photo sat flush in the frame.

Luckily I save things that I think I can reuse. I found this sponge type object from some pushpins a friend gave me.

I placed the object in and it fit perfectly. I sealed up the back and it's good to go!

Next I'll grab a voucher for a pedicure and a card. Mom's Day is going to be great!

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