Culture Days National Congress 2013

I'm back from Toronto! I had a great 4 days away - 2 days at the conference and 2 days catching up with old friends. The Culture Days National Congress was first and it was great!

We flew in first thing on Thursday, May 23. I checked into the hotel then it was time for the reception. So much fun! And so many great people!

Here's my North Shore Culture Days team. They are the best!

Here's my new buddy Dean Vargas. He was interviewing everyone for the Culture Days website.

Here he is in action...

And here I am with David Moss the Project Director for Culture Days.

They set up this neat area for making items out of paperclips then everyone put them on display.

The following day was the conference. There were a few discussion panels, speeches and lots of time for networking. It was such a fun, informative and actually quite exciting day.

Yup here I am on the list of participants. Yay! And one of my workshop photos was used in the info brochure.

Here's the discussion panel on success stories - really got me revved up for September!

I'll post more info as we get closer to Culture Days. I have a couple of workshops in mind and some potential partners. First though I'm off to Cuba for a couple of weeks. My blog may be a teeny tiny bit quiet the next while.

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