Craftiness out of old & new buttons

I made a few things this weekend out of old and new buttons. Plus old jewelry. I have a stash of buttons and junky jewelry thanks to my crafty buddy Edytha (EBar Designs). I've used the jewelry for a few crafty projects lately. They've come in super handy!

One of this weekend's projects was to start making funky barrettes for a friend's daughters. Dollar store plain barrettes turned into funsie designs.

I also worked on the leaf buttons from Button Button that I wanted to turn into drop earrings. Here's my start...

I looked through my bag of buttons and jewelry to find a few things I could use for the barrettes.

I decided to include a felt applique accent. I first stitched up a flower then sewed the button and flower to the felt piece.

One set will have flowers and the other will have stars...

I looked into the correct glue to use. Someone at Michaels suggested Crazy Glue so that's what I used. If anyone has a better suggestion - just let me know!

Here they are ready to go. Easy and super cute!

Next I grabbed some silver wire from Collective Stone in Lonsdale Quay. I paid $2/foot. Thankfully I bought more than I thought I needed. The first button now earring went smoothly. Uh well the second one - not so much. I ended up having to redo the wire a few times!

The back doesn't look too elegant but it's hidden so I figure that's OK.

Here are the finished pair of earrings. Hope to wear these to work tomorrow!

Next project is part of my Mom's Day gift. I'm painting tonight!

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