And there's more good news...

Well back at the end of March I applied for a grant to help fund three upcycling workshops. Big moment for me and I wasn't sure if it was going to happen. Today I got some good news - yes I got a grant!! My very first grant. Yay!

The grant is through Neighbourhood Small Grants. Neighbourhood Small Grants help connect and engage residents in their community by encouraging them to come up with their own ideas for how their neighbourhood can be strengthened. Vancouver Foundation then funds those ideas.

I'll start working on some dates for the upcycling workshops when I get back from Cuba. I'll be partnering with the North Vancouver City Library for the workshops. So pumped!! Stay tuned!

I can't believe all the crafty goodness coming my way these days. Life is pretty darn fabulous my friends. Hope everyone is rockin' 2013!

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