'(owl) always love you'

Oh ya baby - I'm back! Yowzers... You don't know how much you miss something until you get back into it. I actually pulled out my sewing machine last night. My poor Singer missed me. And I it. Here's a pillow cover I meant to sew at least a month ago for a friend - '(owl) always love you'... Thrift store material with felt applique. Cutie patootie!

First I worked on the stitching... Added the owl then the heart...

And then the script...

I used a pinky orange thread for the edges.

Here it is! It's ready and waiting for its happy home.

Still love this font for the text.

And it looks like I'll be making another one soon enough. I posted this to Facebook and well I am now making one for a very dear friend.

Next I'm working on updating these thrift store earrings. I paid $1 for them. One is broken so I've decided to turn them into studs. Leaf studs. I have a few holes in my lobes and apparently they never grow over. Phew! It's been years since I've worn earrings! I'm going to make these studs then have leaves in my lobes. For some reason, I'm really excited about that! Long, dangling earrings are difficult to get used to these days!

And then I'm also going to make some custom hair clips for my friend's daughters. Maybe use old jewelry and/or buttons... Or maybe even make felt applique flowers. Should be a fun, easy project. Hopefully!

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