Having fun with thrift store frames

Well things are getting back to normal - FINALLY! I miss my crafty time these days so hope to spend more time making things, updating things, etc. This weekend I'm zen-ing out. First I prepped photos this aft then sent them off to be printed. I have TONS of thrift store frames I want to fill up.

I bought this crazy brass frame from the Lions Gate Thrift Store for $12 a week ago. It's pretty ornate... And was extravagant for me.

It has cherubs along the sides and then the top has a woman's head with loads of floral details.

I decided to take these old photos of my parents and use them in the brass frame. Seemed like a perfect fit. I also love these teak frames I picked up for cheap at the thrift store ages ago.

After a bit of maneuvering I got the photos in the frame. I want to add this frame to my ever-progressing 'wall of kewlness'.

I found the perfect spot above my cow photo.

And done! Soon my whole wall will be taken up with mirrors, photos, etc.

I sent off photos for these frames - the white frame and then the teak frames Not sure what I'll be adding to the other frame which has yet to be repainted.

While I'm at it I still need either photos or prints for these frames I refinished ages ago.

I also added this to my 'wall of kewlness'. It's something I picked up a long time ago that I decided to add to my wall. I want to sand the paint down some more so you can see the metal.

While I wait to pick up my prints for the other frames, I'm going to paint 'stuff' this aft. I'm revisiting these silver/grey wall pieces. I want to make them lighter - maybe add a coat of white over top to soften the finish.

And while I'm at it I'm finishing these candle holders. Breaking out the paint and having some fun today. Feels so good!!

Tomorrow I'll be working on some other crafty items. Maybe some quick and dirty fridge magnets to give out after my presentation on Wednesday. Sharing the crafty love!

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