An amazing evening at the Craft Council of BC talk

Holy smokes! What a night! Big thanks to Bill, Camila and Penny at the Craft Council of BC (CCBC). The evening was so much fun and I met so many super lovely people. And I survived speaking in front of a bunch of strangers - phew!

Here's the intro from Penny Parry, President of the CCBC. I've adopted her! Everyone at the CCBC are just so darn fabulous. And well she's quite the dynamo! We actually had more people than in this photo. A lot of people streamed in during the talks. I was last. A bit nerve-racking but I think my talk went well.

Here a couple of shots of my table. I brought a wide selection of projects to show people the variety of things you can make from second-hand items. I gave away a bunch of fridge magnets, wooden clothes pegs and both of my wooden cars found new homes.

And my cookies were gone - they were a hit! My Mom made these - gosh my parents are the bestest! No matter how old you are - you're never too old for your Mom to make uber yummy cookies for you!

I made some new friends last night. Carl and Janet from ReVision are like-minded souls. They brought this old Electrolux vacuum that has been turned into the kewlest art piece ever. This was my favourite item from the evening. Not that I could see myself owning this but it's so darn neato.

The details are great!

After the talks we hung out at our tables and mingled. I met so many wonderful people. They ate cookies, grabbed a free fridge magnet and wooden clothes peg and then shared their war stories... Apparently lots of people have dumpster diving stories or kewl finds from the dump. I feel so fortunate to have been involved in the evening. Big thanks and love to Bill, Camila and Penny of the CCBC!

My friend Carol Browne came for the talk then took some pics of me. She's quite the social media queen - she's crafty, into photography and has that whole Twitter/Facebook/etc thing down. Here are some of the shots she took... Me with my chair.

A few 'action' shots...

A couple of shots of my pieces...

And then here's my presentation and then my new friend, Penny.

Tons of thanks to everyone who came to the talk and all the crafty peeps who dropped by my table for cookies and for a chat. Such a perfect night. I'm feeling inspired and so appreciative of everyone. Crafting is definitely a wonderful way to connect with people. Gosh darn it - I'm sewing this weekend! Bring it on!

PS Visit Carol's blog post about last night. I really enjoyed having her there to cheer me on!


  1. Hooray! You were a big hit! And the cookies sealed the deal :-)

    AND, I love your short hair. So. Cute.

  2. The cookies were definitely a hit... Big time yummy cookies!

    I love my short hair as well - so easy and fun! Great pic of Penny and me. :-)

    Looking forward to lunch next Friday. Where shall we go?! xo