A day of painting

I've had a super duper day of painting! Feels so fabulous to work on some projects that had been hanging around for a long time! And some not so long. I finished updating this candle holder. It went from a gaudy, bronze finish to an art deco (I hope!)/Alice in Wonderland finish. I like it. I might rework the finish but for now it's good to go.



I also worked on these wooden cars from months ago. I have a total of four that I picked up at the thrift store for $0.25/each. They had a shellac finish. I decided to paint them so they were more fun.

Here are the two I started updating...

And here they are finished. I'm varathaning them this evening then they'll be done.

I also picked up my prints this aft. The teak frames I used for photos from a recent trek to Victoria, BC. In one frame is me and in the other is one of my besties, Will. The other frame includes four photos of some of my FAV friends - Rachelle at The Regional Assembly of Text at their monthly Letter Writing Club, Emiko with her origami at a pub crawl, Marnie and her lovely daughters on Canada Day and then Mike at a masquerade ball we went to a couple of months ago. Love these guys!!

The teak frames are in my bedroom and the shabby chic white frame has been added to the expanding 'wall of kewlness'.

Now off to add more varathane to my wooden cars. Yay!

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