'(owl) always love you'

Oh ya baby - I'm back! Yowzers... You don't know how much you miss something until you get back into it. I actually pulled out my sewing machine last night. My poor Singer missed me. And I it. Here's a pillow cover I meant to sew at least a month ago for a friend - '(owl) always love you'... Thrift store material with felt applique. Cutie patootie!

First I worked on the stitching... Added the owl then the heart...

And then the script...

I used a pinky orange thread for the edges.

Here it is! It's ready and waiting for its happy home.

Still love this font for the text.

And it looks like I'll be making another one soon enough. I posted this to Facebook and well I am now making one for a very dear friend.

Next I'm working on updating these thrift store earrings. I paid $1 for them. One is broken so I've decided to turn them into studs. Leaf studs. I have a few holes in my lobes and apparently they never grow over. Phew! It's been years since I've worn earrings! I'm going to make these studs then have leaves in my lobes. For some reason, I'm really excited about that! Long, dangling earrings are difficult to get used to these days!

And then I'm also going to make some custom hair clips for my friend's daughters. Maybe use old jewelry and/or buttons... Or maybe even make felt applique flowers. Should be a fun, easy project. Hopefully!


Kewl links for crafty peeps

During and after my presentation at the 'Craft, The Environment and Our Community' talk, I mentioned a few kewl places and organizations to check out. Here are a few for you to peruse:

2535 Main Street @ East Broadway
Crafty store showcasing local hand-made items plus they host tons of fun workshops at a reasonable cost.

318 Homer Street
A small store with tons of buttons. How could you not love this place?!

128 West 15th Street
This is my favourite thrift store. It's a hidden gem where you can usually find something - I've scored some fabulous jewelry! And the volunteers are super wonderful!

Various locations
I'll be volunteering at the North Shore ReStore which is opening this week. Great place for furniture, tools, etc.

181 Roundhouse Mews (Davie & Pacific)
This is where I took my intro to woodworking course. Love the Roundhouse! Find a course, go for an event, etc. Such a wonderful community centre with good vibe-age.

101-649 East 15th Avenue (at 15th and Fraser)
Not only do they sell fabric but you can sign up for sewing classes. Yay!

1191 Parker Street
Terminal City Glass Co-op is a non-profit co-operative where you can take a glass arts class. I definitely want to check them out!

3448 Commercial Street
The Vancouver Tool Library (VTL) is a cooperative tool lending library. They also offer affordable workshops on tool related skills and projects. Kewl!

Various locations
Trade School Vancouver is a non-traditional learning community that runs on barter. Pay for class with items and services, not money. Either take a class or give a class. Check their site regularly - the classes fill up FAST!

Outside of Vancouver...

1012 Venture Way, Gibsons, BC
This is my fav place. Barb and Buddy are the best. Check out their Share Shed for books, clothes, furniture - anything and everything can be found here for cheap.

122 NW 36th Street, Seattle WA
MakerHaus is a studio environment with a professional staff from diverse backgrounds in design, manufacturing, creative strategy, and business. They offer some pretty nifty workshops and classes. Too bad they're in Seattle! They just look so darn great!

4905 Dusty Road, Sechelt, BC
Either check out the Share Shed or dig through the wood pile. Have found some gems here. Everything in the Share Shed is one dollar!


Feeling crafty & lovin' it!

I finished up my cutie patootie wooden cars. Yay! And luckily I found happy homes for them. I have two more to update. I kept the painting simple. I love these colours - citron and robins egg blue.

I added a couple of coats of varathane and they look shiny new!


Here they are looking super shellac-y. Not my thing and usually I don't like to paint wood but in this case removing the shellac would have been darn near impossible even if I used a chemical stripper.


Next project - I'm going to sew. Maybe some pillow covers. Or maybe I'll track down some furniture to update. Happy days!

An amazing evening at the Craft Council of BC talk

Holy smokes! What a night! Big thanks to Bill, Camila and Penny at the Craft Council of BC (CCBC). The evening was so much fun and I met so many super lovely people. And I survived speaking in front of a bunch of strangers - phew!

Here's the intro from Penny Parry, President of the CCBC. I've adopted her! Everyone at the CCBC are just so darn fabulous. And well she's quite the dynamo! We actually had more people than in this photo. A lot of people streamed in during the talks. I was last. A bit nerve-racking but I think my talk went well.

Here a couple of shots of my table. I brought a wide selection of projects to show people the variety of things you can make from second-hand items. I gave away a bunch of fridge magnets, wooden clothes pegs and both of my wooden cars found new homes.

And my cookies were gone - they were a hit! My Mom made these - gosh my parents are the bestest! No matter how old you are - you're never too old for your Mom to make uber yummy cookies for you!

I made some new friends last night. Carl and Janet from ReVision are like-minded souls. They brought this old Electrolux vacuum that has been turned into the kewlest art piece ever. This was my favourite item from the evening. Not that I could see myself owning this but it's so darn neato.

The details are great!

After the talks we hung out at our tables and mingled. I met so many wonderful people. They ate cookies, grabbed a free fridge magnet and wooden clothes peg and then shared their war stories... Apparently lots of people have dumpster diving stories or kewl finds from the dump. I feel so fortunate to have been involved in the evening. Big thanks and love to Bill, Camila and Penny of the CCBC!

My friend Carol Browne came for the talk then took some pics of me. She's quite the social media queen - she's crafty, into photography and has that whole Twitter/Facebook/etc thing down. Here are some of the shots she took... Me with my chair.

A few 'action' shots...

A couple of shots of my pieces...

And then here's my presentation and then my new friend, Penny.

Tons of thanks to everyone who came to the talk and all the crafty peeps who dropped by my table for cookies and for a chat. Such a perfect night. I'm feeling inspired and so appreciative of everyone. Crafting is definitely a wonderful way to connect with people. Gosh darn it - I'm sewing this weekend! Bring it on!

PS Visit Carol's blog post about last night. I really enjoyed having her there to cheer me on!


A day of painting

I've had a super duper day of painting! Feels so fabulous to work on some projects that had been hanging around for a long time! And some not so long. I finished updating this candle holder. It went from a gaudy, bronze finish to an art deco (I hope!)/Alice in Wonderland finish. I like it. I might rework the finish but for now it's good to go.



I also worked on these wooden cars from months ago. I have a total of four that I picked up at the thrift store for $0.25/each. They had a shellac finish. I decided to paint them so they were more fun.

Here are the two I started updating...

And here they are finished. I'm varathaning them this evening then they'll be done.

I also picked up my prints this aft. The teak frames I used for photos from a recent trek to Victoria, BC. In one frame is me and in the other is one of my besties, Will. The other frame includes four photos of some of my FAV friends - Rachelle at The Regional Assembly of Text at their monthly Letter Writing Club, Emiko with her origami at a pub crawl, Marnie and her lovely daughters on Canada Day and then Mike at a masquerade ball we went to a couple of months ago. Love these guys!!

The teak frames are in my bedroom and the shabby chic white frame has been added to the expanding 'wall of kewlness'.

Now off to add more varathane to my wooden cars. Yay!

Giveaways for the Craft Council of BC talk

I had a fabulous crafty afternoon yesterday. Felt so darn great to make a few things, hang stuff, etc. I decided I wanted to make a few things that I could giveaway after the Craft Council of BC talk on Wednesday. I'm going to make a few more items this afternoon. I'm feeling very zenful.

First project was one of my FAVs - fridge magnets! Yay!

I used a flyer from my last trek to Trader Joe's.

I loved this elephant and it was the perfect fit for one of the larger glass jewels I have.

Here's the final fridge magnet.

Here are the other ones - I love the people ones and then the ones that say 'wish' and 'fly'.

Next project was to jazz up some wooden clothing pegs. I decided to use items that had been given to me. My friend Edytha (EBar Designs) gave me a ton of old buttons and then Tiffany at Zing Paperie and Design gave me a bunch of scrap gift wrap.

Here are the ones I've created so far. It was a super easy projects... Got out my modge podge, glued the paper, trimmed the sides then glue gunned the buttons. I love my glue gun!

This is one of my favourites with the leaves and then the flower button. Cute!

Hope everyone is having a wonderfully crafty weekend. I'm off to pick up some prints for my thrift store frames. Fun!


Having fun with thrift store frames

Well things are getting back to normal - FINALLY! I miss my crafty time these days so hope to spend more time making things, updating things, etc. This weekend I'm zen-ing out. First I prepped photos this aft then sent them off to be printed. I have TONS of thrift store frames I want to fill up.

I bought this crazy brass frame from the Lions Gate Thrift Store for $12 a week ago. It's pretty ornate... And was extravagant for me.

It has cherubs along the sides and then the top has a woman's head with loads of floral details.

I decided to take these old photos of my parents and use them in the brass frame. Seemed like a perfect fit. I also love these teak frames I picked up for cheap at the thrift store ages ago.

After a bit of maneuvering I got the photos in the frame. I want to add this frame to my ever-progressing 'wall of kewlness'.

I found the perfect spot above my cow photo.

And done! Soon my whole wall will be taken up with mirrors, photos, etc.

I sent off photos for these frames - the white frame and then the teak frames Not sure what I'll be adding to the other frame which has yet to be repainted.

While I'm at it I still need either photos or prints for these frames I refinished ages ago.

I also added this to my 'wall of kewlness'. It's something I picked up a long time ago that I decided to add to my wall. I want to sand the paint down some more so you can see the metal.

While I wait to pick up my prints for the other frames, I'm going to paint 'stuff' this aft. I'm revisiting these silver/grey wall pieces. I want to make them lighter - maybe add a coat of white over top to soften the finish.

And while I'm at it I'm finishing these candle holders. Breaking out the paint and having some fun today. Feels so good!!

Tomorrow I'll be working on some other crafty items. Maybe some quick and dirty fridge magnets to give out after my presentation on Wednesday. Sharing the crafty love!


Craft, The Environment and Our Community talk is coming up!

This upcoming Wednesday is the 'Craft, The Environment and Our Community' talk at the Vancouver Public Library through the Craft Council of BC. The talk takes place in the Alice MacKay Room from 7pm to 8:30pm. Should be a fun night!

I'm looking forward to meeting the other presenters! And hopefully meeting some fellow crafters! Now to work on my presentation! :-)


Grant proposals, web updates, etc

Hello stranger! Yup I've been MIA again. Working tons... Real work. And not enough time for craftiness... But I have been working on a few things when I can. I submitted my very first grant proposal at the end of March! We'll see what happens. * fingers crossed *

Neighbourhood Small Grants help connect and engage residents in their community by encouraging them to come up with their own ideas for how their neighbourhood can be strengthened. Vancouver Foundation then funds those ideas.

After I sent in the grant, I updated my TBD website. Wow - it was out of date!

And to my surprise, I had a bunch of additions to my News & Events page!

Next I updated my blog with details about the upcoming talk through the Craft Council of BC on April 24th. I'll be working on my presentation this weekend. Very kewl!!

So many updates! I also FINALLY got back to Etsy!

And here's my Etsy store with a few of my lavender sachets... The only ones I have left after giving a bunch away to friends.

And the geekfest continues - I also updated my personal website. Holy smokes - it was desperate for some content edits!!

Hopefully the geeky stuff is done for a bit and I can find some time to be creative!